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Industrial automation is developing rapidly, does it mean that industrial production has reached the point where it can be completely unmanned? In the auto parts industry, a warehouse employee repeats the work of unpacking and sorting auto

What is EXO-assisted exoskeleton exosuit When it comes to helping exoskeletons, we generally associate them with helping people with disabilities recover, but in fact, helping exoskeletons is more widely used. Take the industrial sector: au

What is the power assisted exoskeleton? Once we could only learn from science fiction. Later, with science fiction movies, we once again lamented the power of exoskeleton and imagined that one day we could have a gorgeous exoskeleton equipm

It is believed that many practitioners in the industry, logistics and construction industries will have the same feeling. When they repeat an action for a long time, they often feel tense, especially tense. In this part of the industry, wor