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Since 2004, hyetone has provided exoskeleton support to people all over the world

Hyetone is mainly providing users with light labor solutions for human-machine interaction. Hyetone solves the "human-related" pain points in the production process . These include the cumbersome process of discrete manufacturing, the difficulty of fine management of materials, the difficulty of coordinating the beats of humans, machines and materials, and the long hours of high-intensity labor of employees. All designs can be adapted to the operation of different heights of operators, and Job fits with the People (equipment adapted to the personnel, rather than personnel adapted to the equipment); can be based on the characteristics of different positions of the human factors of ergonomics, including man-machine interface setup, the principle of material handling practices, the prevention of WMSDs, the personnel support positions can be done easily and Efficiently!


EXO exoskeleton products have been tested and certified by CNAS. Our modern factory covers more than 8,000 square meters and is ISO9001, ISO45001 and ISO14001 certified. Our products have passed the CE safety certification of the European Union.Since our establishment in 2004, we have obtained nearly 100 patents. Our products are exported to Japan. Korea. Germany and other international markets. Hyetone -For the wellness and happiness of labourers! We are looking forward to good cooperation with you.


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Get more information about our exoskeletons for industrial handling, handling aids, WMSD and more. Hyetone -For the wellness and happiness of labourers . For details, please consult our engineering and technical personnel.