Climate Control Suit Cool Style

EXO exoskeleton suit not only saves labor and protects important joints of human body, but also newly adds temperature control exosuit to regulate industrial workers' discomfort hot or cold environment for a long time and maintain the optimum comfortable temperature of human external environment at 18-26 degrees Celsius.



  • Suitable for a station where the upper limb of the human body works for a long time;
  • Exoskeleton-specific pure water cooling medium,100% physical cooling, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly;
  • Can be adjusted to suit the user’s different height and weight;
  • Can pass the weight of tools and hands to the buttocks of the human body;
  • The backpack or carry-on pocket design is optional. It is small, light and easy to move. It can be chosen according to usual habits;
  • Can be quickly put on or taken off in 1 minute;

Applicable Specifications

Cooling/heating temperature 18-26°C
Wearer Weight 40-80kg
Wearer Height 155-185cm
Service Life-2 years(1 year warranty)
battery life8h
Product Weight 3.5kg


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