Muscle suit,Back Brace Posture Corrector for Women and Men, Shoulder Straightener, Adjustable Full Back Support- PHES6

Easy and correct bending to enjoy a healthy life
Provides scientific support for bending movements and all-day comfort for the user.
Made of lightweight special elasticated fabric, washable and easy to put on and take off, through the stretching and cushioning effect of the lumbar booster belt, it reduces the pressure and torque on the L5/S1 intervertebral disc area when the back bends forwards or downwards.

Detailed Descriptions


  • Lumbar support, spine correction, 1 second on/off, comfortable pressure release, cool and breathable, moderate elasticity;
  • Size: Average size (suitable for M-XXL: height 160-185CM, weight 40-80kg people);
  • It can be hand washed and will always stay clean.
    Superior quick-drying properties make daily maintenance a breeze.;
  • Ultra-lightweight.
    Focused on functionality, materials have been pared down to the limit.;
  • The use of special stretch fabric does not reduce the support.
    Even with repeated stretching5 it maintains approximately S0% tension
  • Able to cope with a variety of industries and clothing. Can cope with different industries and jobs. Can be worn both inside and outside the uniform;

Types of work suitable for

Suitable for people from all walks of life who need to bend frequently

Forward bending to maintain the work of the personnel.


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