Sit Anytime PHEL1-Squat Assisted Exoskeleton

PHEL is a dexterous device that slows down workers ' fatigue, using lightweight materials with lightweight features that are not available in traditional seats. With casual sitting, workers can sit down at any time in a compact factory space, saving their strength and improving their productivity.



  • Provides two-point support, can be used as a regular chair.Selection of Air-cooled Heat Dissipator;
  • Easy to wear and avoid direct contact with metal;
  • Use high-strength aluminum alloy for the manufacture of materials, light weight, safe and reliable;
  • Can be used in compact spaces or in dense populations ;
  • In addition to the industrial sector, it can also be used in waiting, queuing and other scenarios;
  • Can be quickly put on or taken off in 1 minute;



Applicable Specifications

Maximum Support 80kg
Wearer Weight 40-80kg
Wearer Height 155-185cm
Service Life-2 years(1 year warranty)
Product Effect 70%
Product Weight 3.5kg


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