Metal Waist(Back)


Metal Waist(Back)PHES7-Waist Assisted Exoskeleton

When the laborer needs to stay in the bending position for a long time, the spring maintains the supporting force, which makes the waist muscles more relaxed; when the laborer needs to straighten the waist or lift heavy objects, the stored energy (elastic force) pushes the human body upward, and the human waist Muscles use much less force than usual to get the job done.



  • Wide shoulder strap design:to reduce stress on shoulders;
  • Stainless steel,high strength spring steel engineering plastics,aviation aluminum and other materials ;
  • Adjustable buckle design:safety,anti-slip,and adjustable;
  • The packing material is breathable/wateproof/wear-resistant/comfortable;
  • Leg srip;
  • Energy storage:can be switched off so as not to affect the normal operation;

Applicable Specifications

Objject Weight within30kg
Wearer Weight 40-80kg
Wearer Height 155-185cm
Service Life-2 years(1 year warranty)
Maximum Assistance20kgf
Product Weight 3.5kg


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