Exoskeleton exosuit helps the distribution industry, foreigner: why do we only rely on walking?

With the development of science and technology, earth shaking changes have taken place in many former lifestyles in the 21st century. For example, qualitative changes have taken place in transmitting information, transporting things and knowing facts. Take the essential physical labor in life as an example. In the past, we could only use the most primitive physical labor to complete the quota labor goal. Now, with the development of industry, science and technology and network technology, it has developed into an era of knowing the world without leaving home.

Innovation in various industries


Innovation in various industries, such as takeout delivery personnel, you should know that in China, the takeout system is very perfect. No matter where you live, kids will try their best to deliver it to you as quickly as possible.


However, the delivery process of takeout is smooth, and there is no guarantee that the temperature will not lose excessively. Moreover, the income gap of all residents is very uneven. The following address conditions are also very different, so not only will a large number of meals cool down in the process of delivering meals, but also many takeout brothers feel unable to cope with the peak period of customer orders.


Therefore, relevant professionals have put forward such a bold idea and have begun to invest in research. That is to use mechanical exoskeleton to deliver takeout.

Using the addition of exoskeleton: make the meal delivery personnel only bear the weight of a notebook and carry several times more ordering meals than usual, which can reduce the time and physical cost of the meal delivery personnel to pick up meals back and forth, and make great progress in the catering takeout industry again.


Although so far, booster exoskeleton has not been officially put into use in the catering and distribution industry, I believe that before long, China's exoskeleton technology will have a great leap forward development in the takeout industry.



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