What are the main handling machinery and equipment

In our daily life, the goods placed in the logistics industry have a wide variety of sources and different morphological characteristics. In this case, in order to adapt to the loading and unloading of various goods and meet the different needs of different links in the loading and unloading process, we need to adopt a variety of loading and unloading methods.

For example:

1. Classification by job nature

According to the nature of handling, it can be divided into three categories: handling machinery, handling machinery and handling machinery. Some mechanical functions are relatively single, which can only meet one function of loading, unloading or handling.

This single operation function has simple mechanical structure and strong professional operation ability, so it has high operation efficiency and low operation cost, but its use is limited. However, due to its single function and cumbersome connection before and after operation, it will reduce the efficiency of the whole system.

Machinery with single loading and unloading function includes manual hoist, fixed crane, etc; Machinery with single handling function mainly includes various trucks, belt conveyors, etc. At the same time, the machine with loading, unloading and handling function can combine the two operations into one, so the effect is better.

Such machinery includes forklifts, straddle carriers, gantry cranes for stations and pneumatic handling and conveying machinery.

2. Classification by main purpose or structural characteristics

It can be divided into hoisting machinery, continuous transportation machinery, loading and unloading transportation vehicles and special loading and unloading transportation machinery.

Among them, special handling machinery refers to the handling machinery with parts taking device, such as special handling machinery for pallets, special handling machinery for containers, etc.

Special loading and unloading machinery and special sorting machinery for ships.


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