exosuit exoskeleton - will it become the key to solving the problem of aging working population

In recent years,  exoskeleton exosuit has gradually become active in the sight of military and industrial industries, resulting in few researchers to assist the elderly in their daily activities and work.

In recent years, many countries are facing the research problem of population aging due to the lack of children. According to the statistics of the US population reference Bureau, the proportion of people over 65 in Japan is as high as 26%, which is the fastest aging country in the world.


  • Why does it lead to population aging


1. Society has a great demand for young labor, but there are few young labor. Because there are few young people, the burden assigned to each young person is heavier;

2. The increase in the number of the elderly has increased the social burden, and the elderly have no way to bear part of the pressure.

3. The younger generation is less than one generation, and the pressure will be greater on the next generation of young people, forming a vicious circle.

  •  How to alleviate the problem of population aging


Due to the aging of the population, the average age of the global working population has gradually increased. In order to deal with this problem, Hyetone industry, an exoskeleton research and development organization in Guangzhou China, has developed a non power assisted exoskeleton "metal back exosuit" which is suitable for the elderly and can help them lift heavy objects. After using the exoskeleton, the user can help the weight within 30kg, and the price is relatively cheap.



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