Why is exoskeleton suit one of the only devices that can retain workers in the aging society

In some industrial scenes, you will often see some AGV logistics cars shuttling around the workshop, and all kinds of power assisted manipulators are working constantly. In this seemingly unmanned work scene, has it really been realized?

The answer is no, taking the automobile manufacturing industry as an example, the manufacturing process of the whole vehicle is divided into four processes: stamping welding coating final assembly. The stamping stage and the final final assembly stage need a lot of labor to support. With the aging of the population, various industrial manufacturing industries have also experienced labor shortage and labor shortage to varying degrees, which also indirectly led to the problem of rising labor costs.


First of all, we need to understand why a lot of labor is needed in the stamping and final assembly stages. Workers working in these two stages usually need physical strength to support 10-30kg or even higher weight, and need to repeat the operation process for thousands of times, which is easy to bring serious consequences to the physical strength and health of workers. This is also the reason why many post holders are lost or unwilling to engage in such work.


Why can the exoskeleton suit reduce labor intensity, correct bad working posture and improve work efficiency? This problem has always been the chief worry of factory managers in the industrial field.


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