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From zero to 50 million users, it took a long time for all walks of life. For example, the airplane has been used for 68 years, the car has been used for 62 years, and the telephone has been used for 50 years. If it is an exoskeleton, how long will it take for it to develop?

1、 What are the main products of industrial and military exoskeleton?

At present, the industrial exoskeleton on the market has only three main functions, namely, lifting, carrying and sitting. "Lifting" and "moving" almost occupy most of the market, while "sitting" only occupies a small part.

2、 Assist the function of exoskeleton

  1. Lifting - exoskeleton

It is mainly used in posts requiring long and repeated arm lifting, which can effectively reduce shoulder strain while providing assistance for the arm. Especially for jobs requiring constant arm lifting and fixed posture, it can greatly improve work efficiency.

  2. Exoskeleton

It is not difficult to find that exoskeletons with high sales at present are mechanical, while active exoskeletons are relatively few. However, this exoskeleton is at a disadvantage in the current market share. In view of this situation, this paper discusses two basic issues, market demand and the corresponding product form.

  3. Sitting exoskeleton

The quality of such exoskeletons varies in the market, and each manufacturer has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested, you can search the exoskeletons through the google search for a try.


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