Is EXO suit exoskeleton necessary for employees and employers? Or is it optional?

In the industrial market,Is EXO suit exoskeleton necessary for employees and employers? ? This statement varies from person to person. Whether it is just a choice or not, to some extent, it needs to be triggered from the user's perspective. For example, do office workers think it is just necessary or not? We only need a simple stool and a table to work normally. Then why do people who only need to sit and do not do physical work need such "equipment" to improve the efficiency of the working environment, while people who really do physical work do not need any "equipment" to improve the efficiency of their working environment? The answer is no.

In the past, we did not have the concept and idea of wearing assistive devices or support devices on our bodies. But once we begin to appear in this direction, a new market will open up. At this stage, whether the industrial exoskeleton has vitality is only a part of the technical factors, and more importantly, the market application point. One key opens one lock, which is the interpretation of industrial exoskeleton equipment. Different working conditions should have different products. So far, the competition of industrial exoskeleton does not exist in the market strategy level, but in the product level. Each product has more or less certain problems, the most typical of which is the comfort of long-term wear.

Industrial power assisted exoskeleton points out a new direction for researchers on this road. In response to purchasing power and the practicality and robustness of technology, we no longer blindly pursue control sensor systems and executive systems, but develop equipment from the human body and simplify equipment. Follow the needs of the body itself to form an efficient electromechanical control system. If man-machine equipment is a kind of product, it is more an emerging creature. This also requires us to start from the foundation and not stick to the scientific achievements that have been achieved, let alone simply transplant the components of traditional robots.

At present, the industrial power assisted exoskeleton on the market provides users with endurance rather than strength to protect their health and safety. For example, shoulder resistance exoskeleton can greatly alleviate shoulder fatigue. Waist assist exoskeleton provides assistance and protection for people in the work requiring long-term repeated bending.



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