Strong hands exosuit metal exoskeleton - the backbone of coal miners

Recently, Hyetone industry has designed a non power assisted exoskeleton device "exo metal strong hand" suitable for coal mine workers according to the particularity of well workers' handling work. This exoskeleton is used to alleviate the muscle strain caused by excessive muscle force or long-term bending during the labor process of mineral workers.


"Exo metal strong hand" is based on the metal back, which increases the function of strong hand and further improves the power assisted effect of the product. When workers wear and carry, the force they bear will be transferred to their back and shoulders to a greater extent.

"Exo metal strong hand", without power drive, can help through mechanical structures such as high-strength spring steel, power belt and gripper, so as to achieve the goal of transferring weight and reducing labor intensity.


At present, "exo metal strong hand" has been tried in many coal mines and mines in China. The test shows that during use, the metal strong hand will reduce the torque and lumbar muscle load in the L5 / S1 intervertebral disc area of the user, and reduce the muscle tension by ≥ 60%.

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For the product concept of "EHS man-machine improvement", we continue to achieve technological breakthrough and development.

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