Exoskeleton technology will soon integrate into the sports market. Are you optimistic?

What is an exoskeleton?


Exoskeleton is a kind of hard external structure exoduit that can provide the configuration, construction and protection of biological soft internal organs. The assisted exoskeleton is a set of human exoskeleton that can help / assist the human body to move, carry and load by using bionics and ergonomics.

At present, exoskeleton involves not only robot technology, but also ergonomics. Unfortunately, foreign bone technology is still in its infancy.


1、 Medical rehabilitation

At present, it is the most mature field for helping exoskeleton to be put into use. It can enable the disabled or physically disabled to play an auxiliary role in rehabilitation through the use of exoskeleton.


Other exoskeleton applications

○ military

○ rescue

○ off road load

○ industrial handling

○ civil market


Are you optimistic about exoskeleton in sports field?


Unlike the gradual improvement of medical exoskeletons, for the general consumer population, sports exoskeletons are equivalent to an undeveloped market. Will the sports and tourism industries have more breakthroughs to enter the market?


In recent years, the number of hiking climbers has increased, but the investment of sports equipment Lovers has decreased. The reason lies in the change of consumption concept. Compared with the older generation of hikers, what people today pursue is not a sense of Conquest to challenge the harsh natural environment, but a sense of appreciation and participation in the natural landscape. Because the functions of knee pads and climbing sticks are too single to keep up with the changes of people's needs, exoskeleton devices that provide auxiliary effects will meet the urgent needs of consumers.


In 2022, what do you think of the future market prospect of exoskeleton or exosuit?


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