The development of exoskeletons in industrial

The exoskeleton industry has gradually moved from the R&D stage to the commercialization stage. At present, exoskeleton applications are mainly concentrated in four fields, namely military, medical, industrial and civil fields.


In recent years, with the gradual increase of the aging of the population, more and more enterprises are facing the problems of labor shortage, rising personnel costs, and increasing work pressure of employees. Many young people do not want to work on construction sites or factory fronts. In order to solve these problems, help employees reduce the burden and improve work efficiency, industrial power assisted exoskeleton has undoubtedly become an essential equipment for most factories and manufacturing enterprises. What role does industry help exoskeleton play in the industrial field?

In terms of the industrial field, the power assisted exoskeleton is mainly divided into: unpowered drive, mechanical drive, hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive and electric drive. Due to the high weight and cost of the electric assisted exoskeleton robot, some small enterprises will use it. Therefore, most industrial exoskeletons used in the market are still non powered exoskeletons. The unpowered exoskeleton is very portable and does not rely on the battery, which is convenient.


In the industrial field, non power assisted exoskeleton is widely used in industrial manufacturing and production, building handling, logistics sorting, oil exploration and other fields. In recent years, they have also been widely used in automobile manufacturing. Some large factories have also deeply applied the power assisted exoskeleton to further promote the automation and intelligence of the production line, so that employees can get relief from the physical labor pressure on the assembly line.


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