What are the exoskeleton industry chains? How is it divided?

Wearable Exoskeleton technology is a comprehensive technology integrating sensing, control, information, fusion and mobile computing to provide workers with wearable mechanical mechanisms.

1、 Classification of exoskeleton application fields: "

Military field: military is mainly to improve the combat capability of soldiers, and also to improve their weight bearing capacity.


Industry: industry is mainly used in automobile manufacturing, logistics and other fields, which can assist workers to complete work requiring high physical strength.


Medical field: help patients with physical skill rehabilitation, including helping the elderly, disabled patients and other patients with mobility difficulties as auxiliary mobile machines.


2、 Division of power assisted exoskeleton

Upper limbs assist exoskeleton: it mainly assists human activities through joints with degrees of freedom, and is mainly used in labor-intensive industries such as logistics and construction.


Lower limb power assisted exoskeleton: it mainly supports the lower limb through products, enabling users to sit down at any time in a dense working environment to save physical strength.


Waist power assisted exoskeleton: It mainly transfers the weight of transported objects to different parts of the body through the exoskeleton, so as to play a power assisted role. It is mainly used in scenes where people often bend over to carry, such as logistics, construction sites, etc.


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