What problems still need to be changed in the industrial field of exosuit exoskeleton?

Since the 19th century, there has been a concept of " exosuit or  exoskeleton". From the beginning of the 20th century, research has gradually begun to move towards commercialization from the research and development stage. At present, exoskeleton is mainly concentrated in four fields: military, medical, industrial and civilian consumption.

In recent years, more and more enterprises are faced with such problems as labor shortage, rising personnel costs, and increasing pressure on employees. Many young people do not want to work on construction sites or factory fronts. In the future, in order to solve these problems and help employees reduce the burden, to improve work efficiency.


In the industrial field, the power assisted exoskeleton is mostly used for industrial manufacturing and production, building handling, logistics sorting and oil exploration. In recent years, the automobile manufacturing industry is also gradually introducing exoskeleton assisted production. This exoskeleton can further promote the automation and intelligence of the production line, so that employees can get relief from the physical labor pressure on the assembly line.


 What drives industrial exoskeleton?


At present, industrial  exosuit  exoskeleton mainly consists of mechanical drive, hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive and electric drive. Among them, the electric drive cost is high and the endurance is defective, which cannot be popularized at present; The hydraulic power assisted is better than the power assisted. It can also move at high speed in a small range and output a large power assisted effect. However, it has a lot of shortcomings. At present, it is still unable to solve the problem that the pressure pump is too large. Therefore, there are still many mechanical and pneumatic types on the market, which are light and easy to wear, and do not rely on batteries. The only disadvantage is that the assistance effect is not as good as the exoskeleton driven by electric power and hydraulic power.


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