15-30kg assisted exosuit, this exoskeleton - will become the standard in the logistics industry

The protagonists in science fiction movies wear exoskeletons exosuit. Some are powerful and some are cool. All kinds of scenes seem to be people at high speed. As long as you wear exoskeletons, you can get powerful power. But in reality, is there such an exoskeleton?


In real life, although the exoskeleton does not have the cool skills in the film, it has some help effects and can also solve many problems in real life.


In the logistics industry, when carrying out the work, the staff caused unnecessary damage to the waist due to bending over for a long time. Then this urgent problem can be solved by assisting the exoskeleton. The waist assisted exoskeleton phes7 metal back can not only help, but also protect your waist health.

Hyetone waist assisted exoskeleton exosuit - phes7 metal back, which greatly enhances the strength of users through reasonable ergonomics and structural design. This exosuit adopts pure mechanical assistance without power supply. The maximum assistance is 15-30kg, which is suitable for people with a weight of 40-85kg. It also has a human life detection system: collect dynamic data through micro sensors and check the operation status through the network server.


Hyetone waist assisted exoskeleton not only provides power for the wearer, but also improves work efficiency and solves the problem of lumbar spine injury caused by repeated bending and handling work of front-line staff.


For the product concept of "EHS man-machine improvement", we continue to achieve technological breakthrough and development.

For the wellness and happiness of labourers

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