Why is the automobile industry willing to use exoskeleton to complete the work

When your waist and back begin to ache, most of it is because you repeatedly carry heavy objects for a long time or maintain an ergonomic posture for a long time. This is what we call occupational injury.

Exoskeleton exosuit has greatly improved this situation. People can prevent or improve and reduce the occupational health brought by the waist and back through exoskeleton exosuit. At the same time, this exoskeleton exosuit can also improve the work efficiency of users. This situation is particularly obvious in the field of automobile manufacturing.


In recent years, with the rapid development of exoskeleton industry, large automobile manufacturers at home and abroad slowly began to popularize and widely use. Workers will help the exoskeleton to reduce / transfer the pressure on the bearing part of the force, so as to protect the user from injury caused by frequent work density, reduce the user's work fatigue and protect his physical safety at work.


For the product concept of "EHS man-machine improvement", we continue to achieve technological breakthrough and development.

For the wellness and happiness of labourers.

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