Exoskeleton - what industries can it help?Which enterprises in the market focus on the research and development of exoskeletons?

Exoskeleton refers to the equipment worn on people like clothes, also known as "wearable power assisted exoskeleton suit". The  exoskeleton can enhance the wearer's strength through human cooperation. At present, it has been widely used in "Military", "medical", "industrial" and other industries.

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Field of use of exoskeleton


1. Military exoskeleton


Military  exoskeleton: it can enhance soldiers' strength, enhance their physical endurance, help soldiers carry heavy objects, and complete jogging, squatting, climbing stairs, jumping stairs, crossing obstacles and other actions. Such exoskeletons currently used in combat applications are Lockheed Martin's hulc.


2. Medical  exoskeleton


Medicalexoskeleton: with the help of medical assisted exoskeleton, it can play an auxiliary role in standing and walking of paralyzed patients such as spinal cord injury, and help stroke patients with rehabilitation training.


3. Industrial exoskeleton


Industry exoskeleton: widely used in logistics handling, construction, factory manufacturing and other industries. At present, there is a high utilization rate in posts where manpower is frequently used, such as logistics handling and automobile assembly. By wearing exoskeletons, enterprises can improve work efficiency, reduce work intensity, protect employees' health, and reduce labor costs. At present, domestic industrial and foreign skeleton Enterprises: "Haitong industry", "aosha intelligence", "Chiyuan power", etc.


Hyetone industry phes9 metal strong hand, this product can transfer the force to the back and shoulder to a greater extent when handling objects, so as to reduce the pressure and torsion in the l5/s1 intervertebral disc area and the lumbar muscle load when the staff are handling. The product can effectively assist within 30kg, reducing muscle tension ≥ 60%.


EXO Occupational Exoskeleton Back Support Exosuit with Fall Protection -PHES1D

  • EXO Occupational Exoskeleton Back Support Exosuit with Fall Protection combines the benefits of a waist support Exosuit with elastic support belt, fall protection safety belt, and carrying belt;
  • The material is wear-resistant, weather-resistant and impact-resistant, with reflective strips and a document holder;

Machines cannot replace human beings. If you want to make better use of exoskeletons, the cooperation between human beings and exoskeletons is essential, which is of great significance to alleviate physical fatigue, reduce workload and improve work efficiency.



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