How to select exoskeleton to improve work efficiency and solve labor WMSDs problems

In order to alleviate the occupational health problems caused by employees' long-term repetitive work, many large automobile factories have equipped their employees with power assisted exoskeletons, which can not only prevent the occupational health problems caused by their work, but also improve their work efficiency.

Wearable exoskeleton suit helps workers' waist, hands, legs and other different parts to share the weight, reduce employees' fatigue and risk, and make your employees no longer feel tired after coming home from work every day.

If a condition prevents a person from working, then it is necessary to try to take measures, so that employers can retain valuable and experienced employees, and employees can also keep their jobs.


Why does the  exoskeleton suit improve work efficiency?


1. In the work of the production line of the automobile manufacturing industry, workers need to lift their arms at least a thousand times a day. If they wear exoskeletons to assist the human body and provide support for workers' arms, they can reduce accidents and improve work efficiency at the same time.


2. Exoskeletons are not only suitable for automobile manufacturing, but also can be used in various fields, such as logistics, aviation, coal mining and other industries with long repetitive working hours.


3. In order to avoid the long-term operation of workers due to non-standard working posture, the exoskeleton is still equipped with posture correction function to improve the safety of workers and avoid accidents caused by poor posture.


For the product concept of "EHS man-machine improvement", we continue to achieve technological breakthrough and development.

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