In addition to exoskeleton robots in science fiction movies, what are the classification of exoskeleton exosuits in reality?

What is the power assisted exoskeleton? Once we could only learn from science fiction. Later, with science fiction movies, we once again lamented the power of exoskeleton and imagined that one day we could have a gorgeous exoskeleton equipment like the protagonist of the movie. Although many such products have appeared in reality, they are far from the phenomenon without exception.

As for the power assisted exoskeleton technology, we should understand that it is a comprehensive technology that integrates sensing, control, information, blending, and mobile computing to provide the operator with a wearable mechanical mechanism. So, what are the types of power assisted exoskeletons?


 What are the classifications of power assisted exoskeleton?


The first type is power assisted exoskeleton. It is mainly aimed at the working population with health/lumbar problems, protecting the waist, shoulder and neck and other human joints, and is applicable to the industrial field, providing assistance for workers in the industrial field and improving work efficiency.


The second type is rehabilitation exoskeleton. It is mainly used in rehabilitation treatment for patients with impaired lower limb movement ability, so that users can gradually recover lower limb function and complete independent walking through rehabilitation exoskeleton exercise.


The third type is the lower limb auxiliary exoskeleton. It is mainly aimed at the disabled with paralysis/weakness of lower limbs and damaged legs to help them stand and walk like normal people.


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