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In automation equipment, power assisted manipulator is very common. As the name suggests, the power assisted manipulator is used to carry goods. Nowadays, many enterprises often need to transfer goods. If people carry any goods, they not on

Industrial power assisted manipulator is a kind of multi joint manipulator or multi degree of freedom mechanical device widely used in industrial field. It has a certain degree of automation. Relying on its own power and control ability, it

According to the survey, workers on the automobile assembly line raise their arms more than 4600 times a day, up to 1 million times a year. Therefore, when workers finish their day's work, they often feel pain in their neck and shoulders. T

Do you know the hidden "great heroes" behind Chang'e's flight to the moon on schedule? "Nine days to catch the moon, five oceans to catch turtles, talk, laugh and sing." At the end of 2020, the Chinese people's dream of flying into the sky

They are powerful warriors, playing an irresistible light in life and work. They are exoskeleton equipment under Hyetone industry. It is said that each exoskeleton "warrior" has a special code name. It is an aged wine and has a story worth r