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In the modern production process, in order to deal with the handling and assembly of large parts, reduce the labor intensity of operators and improve work efficiency, pneumatic power assisted manipulator is adopted. The operator can move he

In our daily life, the goods placed in the logistics industry have a wide variety of sources and different morphological characteristics. In this case, in order to adapt to the loading and unloading of various goods and meet the different n

With the development of science and technology, earth shaking changes have taken place in many former lifestyles in the 21st century. For example, qualitative changes have taken place in transmitting information, transporting things and kno

In recent years, exoskeleton exosuit has gradually become active in the sight of military and industrial industries, resulting in few researchers to assist the elderly in their daily activities and work. In recent years, many countries are

well! Is the recent COVID-19 well protected? Do you keep exercising? One person can easily carry a weight of 30 kilograms! Can you do it? Is it really easy for a person to carry 30kg heavy objects? The waist and arm exosuit exoskeleton - ph

Hyetone industrial research and development of upper limb assisted exoskeleton. This "puce4" exoskeleton exosuit "is developed by the domestic high-tech R D center Haitong industry. It is very light and easy for workers to use all day. It c

Many people will have such a question, why do domestic automobile manufacturing workers wear something called "exoskeleton" or "exosuit" to work. This matter can be traced back to 2014. A domestic R D enterprise called hyetone industry bega

According to the survey, about 44 million people aged 15-64 suffer from basic movement difficulties, including "lifting", "carrying", "walking", "sitting" and so on. Exoskeleton, as the name suggests, is a system that helps the human body f