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In the era of industrialization, the emergence of self-help manipulator has become an indispensable link in the production of various enterprises. So why do we think it is indispensable? Because the manipulator is a new type of power assist

In real life, in order to support their families, many people have to engage in some jobs that consume a lot of labor. These jobs need a lot of effort to complete. Therefore, for the human body, the most desired thing is to have a tool that

Exoskeleton or exosuit, which can do everything from heaven to earth in many people's mind. In reality, the exoskeleton does not have these high technologies, but these exoskeletons can help you greatly reduce the intensity of handling in p

What is an exoskeleton? Exoskeleton is a kind of hard external structure exoduit that can provide the configuration, construction and protection of biological soft internal organs. The assisted exoskeleton is a set of human exoskeleton that

Recently, Hyetone industry has designed a non power assisted exoskeleton device "exo metal strong hand" suitable for coal mine workers according to the particularity of well workers' handling work. This exoskeleton is used to alleviate the

Have you ever heard of assisted exoskeleton exosuit, which is a product that can effectively help within 30kg and up to 15kg after use. This is a exosuit assistant suit that can be worn on the body. It is also a self-adjusting non power ass

The protagonists in science fiction movies wear exoskeletons exosuit. Some are powerful and some are cool. All kinds of scenes seem to be people at high speed. As long as you wear exoskeletons, you can get powerful power. But in reality, is

In the modern industrial industry, AMB aluminum alloy track is more and more widely used, among which the most widely used belongs to various factories and workshops. So when we use AMB aluminum alloy track, how can we select / customize al