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Exoskeleton refers to the equipment worn on people like clothes, also known as "wearable power assisted exoskeleton suit". The exoskeleton can enhance the wearer's strength through human cooperation. At present, it has been widely used in "

A new commercially available exoskeleton could equip miners to safely lift and manipulate weights of up to 90kg all day without risk of injury. While it sounds like a future of mining concept or a scene from an Iron Man movie, the exoskelet

In daily life, people cannot avoid facing some environments that require long-term standing. Standing for a long time will make people feel tired, especially for assembly line workers, restaurant chefs, surgical medical staff, etc. who are

When you are walking on the road and see a scene of passers-by "pointing the toes and clenching the buttocks" in one place, what do you think? Whether it will feel incredible, in fact, they are all wearing the legendary "invisible chair". D

With the improvement of exoskeleton technology in recent years, Hyetone Industry has developed a waist-assisted exoskeleton called PHES7 metal back. This exoskeleton can allow workers in industries such as industry, logistics and constructi

Whenever you move work in the workshop, what do you do when you are too tired to assemble work in the workshop? Considering this problem, the assembly workshops of many companies are now assembling exoskeletons for their employees that can

When your waist and back begin to ache, most of it is because you repeatedly carry heavy objects for a long time or maintain an ergonomic posture for a long time. This is what we call occupational injury. Exoskeleton exosuit has greatly imp

Running is a common fitness sport. Many people like it very much, but many people are not good at it. Therefore, there is a relatively lightweight lower limb exoskeleton exosuit. It is understood that these exoskeletons are composed of moto