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A long time ago, a video of a delivery boy wearing an exoskeleton carrying a delivery box was extremely popular. At that time, I wondered if it was too cumbersome. It's not practical. Maybe I didn't know much about external bones at that ti

In the industrial market,Is EXO suit exoskeleton necessary for employees and employers? ? This statement varies from person to person. Whether it is just a choice or not, to some extent, it needs to be triggered from the user's perspective.

In some industrial scenes, you will often see some AGV logistics cars shuttling around the workshop, and all kinds of power assisted manipulators are working constantly. In this seemingly unmanned work scene, has it really been realized? Th

From zero to 50 million users, it took a long time for all walks of life. For example, the airplane has been used for 68 years, the car has been used for 62 years, and the telephone has been used for 50 years. If it is an exoskeleton, how l

With the gradual spread of the aging of the population, more and more young people are unwilling to engage in manual work and delay retirement, which has become the only way to solve the labor shortage. Looking around the world, as far as J

In order to alleviate the occupational health problems caused by employees' long-term repetitive work, many large automobile factories have equipped their employees with power assisted exoskeletons, which can not only prevent the occupation

Muscle pain and muscle problems can occur at all ages. However, there are several main parts of each person's body that are affected by keeping the same posture for a long time due to work, including the neck and shoulder, lower back and le

Wearable Exoskeleton technology is a comprehensive technology integrating sensing, control, information, fusion and mobile computing to provide workers with wearable mechanical mechanisms. 1、 Classification of exoskeleton application fiel