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Can adapt to hard clay asphalt road sand mountain trench and other scenes. Intelligent flexible exoskeleton system based on bionics designs an external support for the wearer. On the basis of the support integrates intelligent module


Can adapt to hard clay, asphalt road, sand, mountain, trench and other scenes.

Intelligent flexible exoskeleton system, based on bionics, designs an external support for the wearer. On the basis of the support, integrates intelligent modules such as machine learning, fuzzy PID control system and large data Internet of Things. By balancing the weight of the above-mentioned accessories and external loads, it can transmit and amplify the wearer's limb movements. Sense, not only to enhance cross-country ability, but also to maintain its mobility, it is not subject to road environment and location constraints, its control system can make the "booster" and the wearer's limbs movement to maintain harmony, load transfer through the "booster" to the legs and the ground, the wearer feels only the actual load. 20%, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of weight-bearing walking, makes it maintain more abundant physical energy after high-intensity cross-country walking, and improves cross-country efficiency.

The areas of rapid response include such areas as disaster relief and emergency medical care. China is a country with frequent earthquakes, but there is still a lack of effective earthquake early warning system, so the post-earthquake rescue in the golden rescue time is very critical; exoskeleton can help wearers to transport disaster relief materials safely and timely in post-earthquake areas that can not be crossed by large excavators and engineering vehicles, and it will not consume much energy. If the situation is too large, the rescue work should be carried out quickly. At the same time, in the field of fire fighting, especially in the process of field fire fighting, firefighters often need to wear fire fighting clothes, carry oxygen cylinders, fire axes and other equipment, which is heavy, slow moving, serious physical overdraft, greatly affecting the efficiency of fire fighting and safety of work. Medical workers also have similar situations, so they need exoskeleton help.


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