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All products of Haitong industry are based on the key power components of high-end equipment industry including pumps valves cylinders motors and intelligent control systems to develop human-computer interaction products. During the dev


Passive Harness Exoskeleton Suit

PHES is a new type of industrial exoskeleton that greatly enhances the wearer's productivity and reduces the pressure and torsion of the L5/S1 disc area when the wearer's back is bent down. Through reasonable ergonomics and structural design, the user's strength and freedom of action are greatly enhanced.


  • Provides great human adaptability for the wearer to achieve optimal comfort. Follows user's body to fit in tight spaces and changing environments. Selection of Air-cooled Heat Dissipator;
  • The lengths and sizes can be adjusted to suit the user's different height and weight;
  • Can be combined with safety slings, reflective vests and other engineering labor insurance productsand other engineering labor insurance products;
  • Reduces the average pressure and torque of the intervertebral disc L5/S1 area by 50%;
  • Cleverly designed to reduce the risk of lower back injuries without the use of actuators and computers. When installing the option, you just need weak power to do the daily work;
  • Can be quickly put on or taken off in 1 minute;