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Exoskeletons exosuitlive up to expectations, and it will eventually become an indispensable part of your work

Industrial automation is developing rapidly, does it mean that industrial production has reached the point where it can be completely unmanned? In the auto parts industry, a warehouse employee repeats the work of unpacking and sorting auto parts every day. In the long run, this poses a huge challenge to the functioning of employees.

At this time, both workers engaged in heavy physical labor or other industrial workers will suffer serious physical damage due to overwork. The booster exoskeleton can help workers greatly reduce the workload.


Wearing a booster exoskeleton can not only reduce the intensity of work and make the handling work convenient, but also help the exoskeleton is more convenient to wear, as simple as wearing multi-opinion clothes, you can get the help effect.


At present, Haitong exoskeleton series products have been used in many industries, including: construction sites, warehousing, automobile manufacturing, airports, docks, fire protection and other high-intensity labor industries.