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Own a PHEL1 - an invisible chair where you can sit and rest wherever you go

Whenever you move work in the workshop, what do you do when you are too tired to assemble work in the workshop? Considering this problem, the assembly workshops of many companies are now assembling exoskeletons for their employees that can not only help, but also allow employees to sit and rest at will in dense space studios. This exoskeleton exosuit  PHEL1 can not only assist employees in carrying work, but also relieve the fatigue caused by work.

PHEL1-What is the role of sitting at will?

Speaking of the PHEL1-free to sit on this invisible chair, we have to start with the workshop work: do you feel any pain when a workshop worker stands and works for several hours a day without rest? However, on the production line, is there a perceived lack of space? And in this kind of space, no chairs are provided for workers to rest at all.

PHEL1 - Sit freely - In the case of unavoidable standing posture, and special working conditions, it is necessary to maintain a semi-squatting state to complete the work, and long-term semi-squatting work can easily lead to foot pain, leg muscle fatigue and knee pain. Sitting at will is mainly used to solve the above problems. Workers can sit at will to complete the work without affecting the work, thereby reducing the problem of muscle soreness caused by poor ergonomic posture.


For the product concept of "EHS man-machine improvement", we continue to achieve technological breakthrough and development.

For the wellness and happiness of labourers.