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Who says women are inferior to men? Wearing this exosuit, you can also easily carry 30kg heavy objects

Have you ever heard of assisted exoskeleton exosuit, which is a product that can effectively help within 30kg and up to 15kg after use.


This is a exosuit assistant suit that can be worn on the body. It is also a self-adjusting non power assisted exoskeleton worn by users.


After the user wears the exoskeleton, the power assisted device is placed on the outside of the thigh through the exoskeleton, and the force bearing point of the human body is in the thigh and pectoralis major muscle, which can meet the needs of different applicable people, and enhance the strength of the user through reasonable ergonomics and structural design.


The product is applicable to: logistics industry, factory workshop, farm, construction site and other fields

1、 Product details


Model: phes7 - metal back

Product size: 83 * 42.5

Product weight: 3.5kg

Power supply: passive without power

Applicable height: 155-188cm

Can be used for power assisted handling: 30kg


2、 Design highlights


1. Shoulder broadband design: reduce the pressure on the shoulder;

2. Boost energy storage box: turn on and off the boost at any time without affecting the normal action;

3. Human life detection system: equipped with human life detection system, it can collect dynamic data through micro sensors and detect operation status through network server.


3、 Product advantages


1. Prevent the occurrence of WMSDs caused by heavy load operation for a long time;

2. Through the exoskeleton, improve the handling force of the staff and effectively reduce the muscle load;


For the product concept of "EHS man-machine improvement", we continue to achieve technological breakthrough and development.

For the wellness and happiness of labourers