Elastic Waist PHES1-Waist Assisted Exoskeleton

Passive Harness Exoskeleton Suit-SOFT
PHES is a new type of industrial exoskeleton that greatly enhances the wearer's productivity and reduces the pressure and torsion of the L5/S1 disc area when the wearer's back is bent down. Through reasonable ergonomics and structural design, the user's strength and freedom of action are greatly enhanced.



  • Can be combined with safety slings, reflective vests and other engineering labor insurance products;
  • The length of the shoulder strap, belt and chest strap can be adjusted to suit the user's different height and weight;
  • Reduces the average pressure and torque of the intervertebral disc L5/S1 area by 50%;
  • Waterproof and dust-proof by custom material selection;  
  • Can be quickly put on or taken off in 1 minute;
  • Use flexible,breathable materials so that workers and other objects will not be scratched during work;



Applicable Specifications

Maximum Back and Waist Assist10kgf
Wearer Weight 40-80kg
Wearer Height 155-185cm
Service Life-2 years(1 year warranty)
Maximum Assistance10kgf
Product Weight1.1kg


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